Beginners Guide To Horse Betting

Racing Services | Posted by Jeffrey
Jun 17 2015

If you are willing to make some money at the racetrack then there is nothing that can stop you even if you are thinking that you have been to this place earlier. The purpose to be there might not be just money but at times it is just for sheer entertainment as there are many are fed up of spending holidays in their lonely private islands and no seeking adventure. Horse racing is definitely a form of adventure.

It does not matter whether you are a novice, a veteran or really a rich person, there are best horse racing tips for all. Here are first the tips for beginners:

•    To begin with, the area which is used by all the gamers to hang out and gamble is done is known as the Grandstand. Since you are new to this game there are certain things that you need to learn which bankroll and helps you in making some money.

•    Right from the time of beginning the highly placed increment in horse-betting has been $2. No doubt you can start betting a crisp $100 but it is suggested that you begin with a two-spot.

•    If you continue to bet the favorite referred as the ‘chalk’ then in most of the case you have about 33% chances of winning. Not a bad bet!

•    Since horse betting is in a pari-mutuel environment which means that betting of same kind are put into a pool and winning here in horse betting means that you are deriving it from that betting pool. So, opposite to poker or blackjack where one needs to bet against dreaded house, here your bet is against the horse betters other than you.

•    If we talk about normal or straight horse bets then it can be categorized into three types. First is ‘Win’ – it means that the horse you are betting on will finish the line first. Second is ‘Place’ – the horse you are betting on will either be first or second. Third is ‘Show’- the horse you are betting on will come in first, second or third place. It should be noted here that beginners should start horse betting by betting the last two types i.e. Place and Show and learn how to win multi bets, as by doing this you will get to know about the game better. So, it is better you make some betting on these types before you get involve in some serious job.

•    Last but not the least the way you placed your bet on any horse is like you approach the betting window and declare to the teller. First you name the Racetrack, then Race, Amount you want to place on bet, type of bet and in the last number of horse. Example is “At Aqueduct, in 3rd race, I would like to put $3 to win on the number 6 horse”.